Memories may fade, but the magic of cinema endures



Picture this: on your 40th wedding anniversary, you wake up and vividly relive every beautiful moment of your wedding. Better yet, you get to share this incredible love story with future generations of your family.

Hi, My name is Chris Crater. Over the past 20 years, I’ve developed a passion for telling other people’s stories. What I’ve discovered is that each person possesses a story—distinct, extraordinary, and meaningful in its own right.

We understand the pressure on the bride and groom – not just to tie the knot but also to plan and manage a whole event. Coordinating bridal parties, vendors, and everything else can be so overwhelming that it’s only natural to forget some smaller wedding details. That’s why, at Crater Media Group, we are dedicated to these 3 pillars.

  • We are dedicated to crafting a distinct, personalized dream film for each bride and groom—no two wedding films should ever be alike.
  • Our approach to every film centers on capturing the absolute best candid moments, delivering a lively documentary that encapsulates all those little, extraordinary moments that define your special day.
  • We understand the value of every moment on your wedding day. Rest assured, we’ll create your dream outcome without interrupting the celebration.


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Star in the wedding film of your dreams


  • 8 hours of coverage
  • One camera
  • Drone coverage
  • 5-7 minute highlight video
  • 2 30-40 second “Mini-Documentaries” for Social Media
  • $2400


  • 10 hours of coverage
  • 2 cameras
  • Drone Coverage
  • 5-7 minute wedding video
  • 3 30-40 second “Mini-Documentaries” for Social Media
  • $2950


  • Full Day Coverage
  • 2 cameras
  • Drone Coverage
  • Super 8 film coverage
  • Next Day, delivered to your phone, Iphone Coverage
  • 5-7 minute wedding video
  • 3 30-40 second Mini-Documentaries for Social
  • 1 minute trailer (delivered within a week of your wedding)
  • $5500

A la Carte Items

  • Super 8mm film coverage – $500
  • Iphone video add-on – $250 (delivered to your Google Drive or Dropbox, the next morning!)
  • Super 8 and Iphone video Combo – $650
  • 1 minute Wedding Preview/Trailer – $500 (delivered within a week of the wedding)
  • Same Day Edit – $2000 (to be played near the end of your reception)

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